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The uncoolfleamarket got his name by local artist Michael Higgins, experimental filmmaker and founder of the Open Night Cinema and musician Oli Ryan of unbendlegout. The artists rent a space within the Crossguns Business Park in the neighborhood Phisbourough which was used as the flea market venue

On August 26th, 2017 the first uncoolfleamarket was hosted. Many neighbours and strangers came out for an evening market to listen to music by Alain Servant and DJ Rollyourownradio, shop at the booth of the 11 vendors, enjoy homemade lemon drizzle cake, empanadas and argentianian pancakes with dulce de lece. 

On a raft that was build of found footage connecting the two sides along the canal clown Johnie K. performed as a pirate or visitors could use it as a alternative way to cross the water. 

In the costume of a policeman Johnie K. secured the street and that everyone had some good laughs. 

music by Alain Servant
clown performance by Johnie K. and his asstistant of the day Kilian

soundcloud of DJ Rollyourownradio

pictures by Fraher, Michael Higgins, Matt McCallum and Lynne McSherry

by Michael Higgins