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SUPERMARKT in Bremen, Germany

The SUPERMARKT flea market is on going since 2012 within the spaces of the art and culture space SPEDITION. For the most times it is a sunday afternoon market with music by DJ Wolfgang but sometimes also happens as a night market. Depending on the time of the year it takes place at the parking space in front or within the two industrial spaces. 

Vendors bring food for visitors to purchase in exchange for space. 

Within the past years this market has been used as a platform to cooperate with different local organisatzions or exhibitions like: 

> popupbar Alcatrash by the artist group ALCA, live screen printing by Bremer Barthaarbande, Cigar-Box-Guitars-festival, Meet the Needles-festival, local bike messenger hosting a bike part area, the hairdresser Freeseur, a travelling sauna within a trailer by local artist Andres Luther, screening of the movie the human scale, lecture by Ivo Bozic (Publisher of the magazine Jungle World) about the development of cities.