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BREMEN, Germany



curated flea markets for local encounters

DUBLIN, Ireland


A Detroit FLEA

„… explore a fantasy world where nostalgia blooms.“

– The New York Times, Reif, 1980

SUPERMARKT, Bremen, 2015
PARKMARKT, Dinslaken, Germany

„In walking, people become part of their terrain; they meet others; they become custodians of their neighborhoods.

In talking, people get to know one another; they find and create their common interests and realize the collcetive abilities essential to community and democracy.“

– A Tale of Two Markets, Riveira, 2013

A Bernau FLEA, 2016, Bernau b. Berlin, Germany
Supermarkt, Bremen, Germany

„Detroiters are never so colorful, so wacky or so loveable as when they’re promenading at a Flea Market on a summer afternoon.“

– Detroit Free Press, Braun, 1969

A Detroit FLEA, Detroit, USA
A Detroit FLEA, Detroit, USA
PARKMARKT, Dinslaken, Germany, 2016
A Detroit FLEA, Detroit, USA

„Because flea markets brought people with shared interests together – whether that shared interest was collecting car memorabilia, browsing antiques and collectibles, or sharing in a common culture – they also helped to build communities.“

– Oldenburg

„The first empirical study of flea markets in Germany was carried out by Gisela Schessing-Krusch in 1982. Her „Diplomarbeit“ (M.A. thesis) focused on the spatial planning. She sees the flea market as the new urban adventure and communication space in the city.

– Fleamarket in a German Town, Damsar, 1998

„…in terms of these ideas, therefore, people can make their life as good and meaningful as they need through their creativity.

To preserve the environment and thus to create the meaningful and good life…

– Fleamarket in a German Town, Damsar, 1998